Meditation :: Aontacht: Yoga & Meditation (Longford, Ireland)


NOTE:If you are in or around the Longford area you can request to join our meditation group by Clicking Here or the “events” link in the menu above.

Meditation, like Yoga, can mean many things to many people. At Aontacht we have a deep interest in Meditation as a whole, incorporating many forms and approaches into our classes.

Below is a brief description of a handful of the techniques we use.


Observing the Breath

Through the observation of breath, one learns to steady the mind, thus leading to an exploration, and eventual mastery, of the possibilities within this paradigm.


Candle Gazing (Tratak)

In a darkened room, sit a candle a comfortable distance from where you are sitting. Focus your attention on the flame for one minute. Close your eyes while maintaining focus on the image of the flame. Hold this “object of the mind” for as long as possible, opening the eyes and repeating the process when concentration wanes.


Concentration (Dharana)

Focusing on either an external or internal object (External: spot on a floor/wall, a tree, a cup. Internal: any image which the mind can conceive) allows one to train the mind to calm itself, like the stilling of ripples in a pond. Some of the benefits being wiser, more content, and generally a feeling of peacefulness and oneness with life.






Singing (Kirtan)


Sound (Tibetan Bowls)