Welcome to Aontacht! :) :: Aontacht: Yoga & Meditation (Longford, Ireland)

Welcome to Aontacht! :)

Thank you for visiting the website. My hope for this site is to be a source of information and inspiration. For the local community (Longford, Ireland), and also the worldwide community, too. Some of the pages (Yoga, Meditation, etc.) will contain somewhat static information which will be updated and added to when the time calls for it. They act as a brief introduction to my own personal understanding of the topic at hand. The main page, for the time being, will host live Facebook and Twitter updates, and the Blog section will act as a diary where I will post about happenings and teachings within my life and the life of Aontacht.

Aontacht (Gaelic for “Unity”) is the registered business name of my Yoga & Meditation endeavours. It is being operated as a non-profit organisation in the sense that all monies are being put back into the growth and development of the business, which also includes further training which will enhance the student-teacher experience in class, on the mat or on the cushion.

To briefly introduce myself, my name is Shea. I have a deep passion for Yoga, meditation, personal development and all things which promote peace and unity for all. Whilst training, I received the spiritual name of Nataraj. This is the name you will see in the blog-posts.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything on this site and I will respond as soon as I can and to the best of my ability.

In loving kindness,