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Pregnancy Yoga in Longford

As important as yoga is for everybody, pregnancy yoga is even more important for you because not only does it nurture, nourish and support your physical, mental, and energetic system, it is essentially providing your baby with the best preparation for a long and healthy life in this world.

This mudra represents the miracle that is Life within Life. A sacred gift reserved for our Sisters around the world. The enormity of which is sometimes overlooked by modern society. In the not so distant past, the greatest respect, admiration and protection was always given to Women during their times of need and nurture. Modern society greatly needs to take a leaf from history’s book and change the way it views itself and how it treats our Divine Portals of Life.

Welcome Sister Yogis!

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I am delighted to announce the latest (and as far as I know, first!) prenatal/pregnancy yoga classes in Longford. This has come about as a direct result of you and your requests for prenatal yoga in Longford coupled with my personal desire to bring yoga to everyone who needs it.

Yoga for pregnancy is a whole new approach to yoga putting the comfort of the mother-to-be at the forefront. This is a time to relax, recuperate, rejuvenate, reset and replenish. I will be ordering props to provide extra support for you during relaxation time, but in the meantime please bring the following:

As many cushions and pillows as you can carry.

A blanket.

When? Mondays 8.30pm

Cost per class is €15 (booking essential)

You can buy a four week block for €50
-Click here to read our cancellation policy-

To secure your place, please book in advance by using the donate button to the side or below. Wishing you much love and success during this most beautiful part of your journey.

Find us here:

Aontacht Yoga Map Longford Town Karate Dojo Fitness Centre 2018

Aontacht Yoga Map Longford Town Karate Dojo Fitness Centre 2018 prenatal pregnancy

UPDATE: June 5th