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Longford’s First Yoga Studio! +more!

Suaimhneas, Beannachtaí agus Aontacht.

Hello there,

How was January for you? Did you make or break any resolutions yet? Not to worry, help is at hand!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Longford’s very first dedicated yoga studio. With a plethora of classes every week, we’re sure there is something to suit everyone.

The official opening will be in March but if you would like to get a taste of what’s on offer, then pop on down to our new studio located at Mastertech Business Park, Athlone Road, Longford.

A new schedule and pricing system have been developed with you in mind. After listening to our clients and after many hours deliberation I am happy to release our new weekly class schedule (below). Drop-in prices remain at €10 but for those who want more we have a special pre-official-opening weekly rate of €25 which will give you unlimited access to any of our studio classes.

Irish TV paid us a visit last week too! You will be able to see the interview in the next couple of weeks on SKY Channel 191. I almost didn’t have time to be nervous what with organising the studio, students and myself. But we got through it and came out the other end smiling 🙂

As a last bit of news, I have been asked to speak at the Maria Edgeworth Literary Festival this May. I am deeply honoured and look forward to being able to read and share my soul with you.

I have to say, the year thus far has been amazing and can only be described with the adage “onwards and upwards!”. If it continues like this, 2015 will truly be a YEAR to remember.

Looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂


(Tip: Save the schedule to your phone for easy access)
Aontacht Yoga Longford Class Schedule 2015

A Message From Aontacht (October 2014)

I took my first yoga class in Longford, January 2012. It was a wonderful experience in part due to a wonderful teacher. A few months later and wanting to enhance and deepen my practice I decided to undergo teacher training with no intention of actually teaching others for a long time. While at the training I jokingly said if I do any teaching work it will be with the elder community as they would be more in tune with my own pace.

After completing my training and returning home thinking that would be it, I was not back two weeks when I received a call asking if I’d like to lead a private group of retirees. Taking the leap I said yes, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Why am I sharing this with you right now? Well, the story has come full circle because the very space where I took my first yoga class has become our new home for Aontacht Yoga and Meditation in Longford.

We are now located in “The Round Tower” beside Tesco shopping centre (image below). Entrance is located beside GameStop. We also have a new schedule for October so make sure to take note of the new times.

Click schedule to view a description of our classes

Yoga Meditation Longford  Schedule

A big thank you must be given to Michael Croghan (photographer) and Trish Kennedy (artisan) for allowing us the use of their space. Please check out their shop on the second floor and support local artists! 🙂


Our new home! "The Round Tower" :)

Our new home! “The Round Tower” 🙂


Yoga in Longford (September 2014)

Class Schedule for September

All classes €10 unless otherwise stated.

Alternatively, you can avail of our special monthly rate of €50 which entitles you to
2 classes per week UNLIMITED classes for the month of September!

Click class name to view description


3 – 4 pm  Aontacht Yoga

8.30 – 9.30 pm Yoga Flow


3 – 4 pm Aontacht Yoga

8.30 – 9.30 pm Yoga Flow


6.30 – 7.30 pm Gentle / Beginners

7.45 – 9 pm Beginners+


6.30 – 7.30 pm Gentle / Beginners

7.45 – 9 pm Beginners+

Note: You can pay in class or book in advance by donating the required amount here. 

(No lengthy contracts. Pay per month.)

Click here for more information.

Longford Yoga Class Schedule



A Message from Aontacht: (Longford Ireland, August 2014)

A Message from Aontacht: (Longford Ireland, August 2014)

Firstly I would just like to send a big thank you to everyone who has made this another special month here at Aontacht.

Our Yoga Flow sessions each Tuesday and Thursday have proved a massive success and seeing the development of the students is a true blessing for me. Even the mid-week placement of the classes has proved popular – energising us throughout the week, and finally relaxing into “Weekend Savasana”. Which leads me to introduce the ultimate savasana of the month, this Saturday from 6.30pm

And now to announce the two lucky winners of our August Offering – Free Yoga for the Month of September.

Congratulations to Geraldine O’Hanlon and Mary Lee. You have both Won a Month of Yoga worth €50! Normally our monthly pass allows you to attend any two of our eight classes each week BUT for the month of September we are offering ALL monthly members UNLIMITED Yoga for only €50!

aontacht 2014 August free Yoga in Longford winners


We are happy to announce that our current schedule will remain intact for September, so remember to make time for yourself in your personal calendar. Click here to view our September schedule.


Keep an eye out for future offerings from Aontacht Ireland and Aontacht Worldwide but for now let us share Aontacht Within.

Peace. Blessings. Unity.


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Mastertech Business Park
Athlone Road, Longford

089 494 6908



One Month of Yoga Free! (Aontacht Yoga, Longford)

If you haven’t already heard about this you need to get in there quick. Announcing two winners 28-8-14!

Just click the image below to be taken to our Facebook page’s competition for details on how to enter.

Gratitude Love Light - Longford, Yoga


Yoga in Longford (August 2014)

Class Schedule for August

Note: All classes are €10 unless stated otherwise.

Alternatively, you can avail of our special monthly rate of €50 which entitles you to 2 classes per week!


3 – 4 pm Students & Unemployed (€5)

8.30 – 9.30 pm FLOW


3 – 4 pm Students & Unemployed (€5)

8.30 – 9.30 pm FLOW


6.30 – 7.30 pm Gentle / Beginners

7.45 – 9 pm Beginners+


6.30 – 7.30 pm Gentle / Beginners

7.45 – 9 pm Beginners+

Click here for more information.

Longford Yoga Class Schedule



YOGA for Unemployed

NOTE: Check out our new and updated weekly schedule for August by clicking here.

Offer also open to students!

Being unemployed and on the dole is tough enough. This is our way of saying we care. Help us to help others by sharing this on your profile/page.

As part of our initiative to bring yoga to everyone, regardless of age, ability, monetary and social conditions, we are starting our new YOGA for Unemployed programme.

Participants receive the full benefits of our regular beginner’s yoga class for a heavily reduced rate of five euro.

This is currently being run in Longford Town, however if you would like to get involved or make a suggestion regarding yoga and meditation in your area, click Contact Us in the menu section. Alternatively, you can click the poster below, print it and put it somewhere where others will see it.Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yoga for Unemployed Longford Ireland

The perfect place to begin your meditation practice

An Introduction to Meditation

Read More→

Open Heart Meditation

Try this simple yet profound meditation next time you’re alone with some time to spare. If the sun is not visible just close your eyes and imagine bathing in its warmth and light. I’d love to hear your experiences too so feel free to share them via email or comment below.

* Sit somewhere comfortable with spine erect.

* Close eyes with hands resting on your lap. Palms facing upwards.

* Bringing your hands to your heart, take a few slow breaths. You may begin to feel a warmth, or energy, growing within.

* Inhale slowly, first into the abdomen, then bring the breath further up into the upper lungs. Bringing the shoulders back, feel the expansion of the chest as you inhale.

* Exhaling slowly, first from the abdomen, then from the upper lungs, Feeling more relaxed and free with every breath.

Open Heart Meditation with Aontacht* Feel the love and light energy emanating from your heart. Becoming too great to contain, its natural course is to overflow and spill out into the universe. At this point you can open your arms with the exhale, and bring your hands back to your heart on the inhale.

* Direct this love and light energy first to family, friends, and then to all sentient beings in the universe.

* Bring consciousness back to your own body and bathe in the light. Allow it to completely engulf your entire being. Soothing and relaxing tiredness, aches, and pains, both physical and emotional.

* Finish with hands on heart and three slow, deep inhales to ground yourself so you can carry on with the rest of your day with a steady mind and fresh perspective.

There is no greater love, light, strength than that which resides within. Discover your true nature today. You are as much a part of the universe as the sun, moon, and stars.

Peace & Blessings


Welcome to Aontacht! :)

Thank you for visiting the website. My hope for this site is to be a source of information and inspiration. For the local community (Longford, Ireland), and also the worldwide community, too. Some of the pages (Yoga, Meditation, etc.) will contain somewhat static information which will be updated and added to when the time calls for it. They act as a brief introduction to my own personal understanding of the topic at hand. The main page, for the time being, will host live Facebook and Twitter updates, and the Blog section will act as a diary where I will post about happenings and teachings within my life and the life of Aontacht.

Aontacht (Gaelic for “Unity”) is the registered business name of my Yoga & Meditation endeavours. It is being operated as a non-profit organisation in the sense that all monies are being put back into the growth and development of the business, which also includes further training which will enhance the student-teacher experience in class, on the mat or on the cushion.

To briefly introduce myself, my name is Shea. I have a deep passion for Yoga, meditation, personal development and all things which promote peace and unity for all. Whilst training, I received the spiritual name of Nataraj. This is the name you will see in the blog-posts.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything on this site and I will respond as soon as I can and to the best of my ability.

In loving kindness,