Open Heart Meditation :: Aontacht: Yoga & Meditation (Longford, Ireland)

Open Heart Meditation

Try this simple yet profound meditation next time you’re alone with some time to spare. If the sun is not visible just close your eyes and imagine bathing in its warmth and light. I’d love to hear your experiences too so feel free to share them via email or comment below.

* Sit somewhere comfortable with spine erect.

* Close eyes with hands resting on your lap. Palms facing upwards.

* Bringing your hands to your heart, take a few slow breaths. You may begin to feel a warmth, or energy, growing within.

* Inhale slowly, first into the abdomen, then bring the breath further up into the upper lungs. Bringing the shoulders back, feel the expansion of the chest as you inhale.

* Exhaling slowly, first from the abdomen, then from the upper lungs, Feeling more relaxed and free with every breath.

Open Heart Meditation with Aontacht* Feel the love and light energy emanating from your heart. Becoming too great to contain, its natural course is to overflow and spill out into the universe. At this point you can open your arms with the exhale, and bring your hands back to your heart on the inhale.

* Direct this love and light energy first to family, friends, and then to all sentient beings in the universe.

* Bring consciousness back to your own body and bathe in the light. Allow it to completely engulf your entire being. Soothing and relaxing tiredness, aches, and pains, both physical and emotional.

* Finish with hands on heart and three slow, deep inhales to ground yourself so you can carry on with the rest of your day with a steady mind and fresh perspective.

There is no greater love, light, strength than that which resides within. Discover your true nature today. You are as much a part of the universe as the sun, moon, and stars.

Peace & Blessings