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New Course + Special Offer +MORE!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017!

A year donned with big changes and new beginnings all around.

Are you ready for the shift?

A new time is fast approaching and if we are to maintain equilibrium then we must be prepared.

The Story of Two Wolves

The battle of the two wolves is ever encroaching. One is peace. The other is turmoil. But the true battle will always be within each one of us. We have sole power and authority over ourselves. Even in the harshest and most confined of spaces, we are the master of our own ship. Our destiny and how we choose to move forward from any situation is always and completely in our own hands.

Or should I say our own mind? The place where people spend most of their time, and the place where most are cautious to tread because they fear what they might find. What is lurking in the shadows? What is hiding in the darkness? What if there is nothing there at all and we are all alone?

It is only through confronting our fears and insecurities that we evolve and grow into the extraordinary individuals we are born to be, and it is never too late to grow. Each one of us contains the potential for so much more. Even if it simply means more peace, more calm, more acceptance and a firm foundation from which to live our lives and shine a loving, friendly beacon of light unto the world around us.

I invite you all to attend these very special courses which have been designed to unlock the potential hidden away in each of you. Discover strength and peace within and allow them to flow forth like the cleansing rain of Spring and welcome a new beginning for 2017.

To prepare for the new courses in February there will be two independent sessions taking place this Thursday 26th January.
Each student will receive a €5 discount for whichever course they decide to attend the week after.

Class times this Thursday correspond to the courses, so Beginners (YOGA1) will be 6.15 – 7.45pm,
and Intermediate (YOGA2) is from 7.45 – 9.15pm. Each class is €15.

Secure your place now by texting YOGA1 or YOGA2 + your name to 089 4946 908

Would you like to be able to do handstands? Does the idea of being upside down excite and exhilarate you? Would you like to overcome fear and push through mental blocks and in doing so break on through to the other side of life? Did you know that conquering fear in one area will make you feel stronger and more able to conquer it in other areas too! If you are interested in attending a handstand workshop in a safe and fun environment lead by the incredible Cian then text HANDSTAND + your name to 089 4946 908 for more details.

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