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A Message From Aontacht (October 2014)

I took my first yoga class in Longford, January 2012. It was a wonderful experience in part due to a wonderful teacher. A few months later and wanting to enhance and deepen my practice I decided to undergo teacher training with no intention of actually teaching others for a long time. While at the training I jokingly said if I do any teaching work it will be with the elder community as they would be more in tune with my own pace.

After completing my training and returning home thinking that would be it, I was not back two weeks when I received a call asking if I’d like to lead a private group of retirees. Taking the leap I said yes, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Why am I sharing this with you right now? Well, the story has come full circle because the very space where I took my first yoga class has become our new home for Aontacht Yoga and Meditation in Longford.

We are now located in “The Round Tower” beside Tesco shopping centre (image below). Entrance is located beside GameStop. We also have a new schedule for October so make sure to take note of the new times.

Click schedule to view a description of our classes

Yoga Meditation Longford  Schedule

A big thank you must be given to Michael Croghan (photographer) and Trish Kennedy (artisan) for allowing us the use of their space. Please check out their shop on the second floor and support local artists! 🙂


Our new home! "The Round Tower" :)

Our new home! “The Round Tower” 🙂