About Aontacht :: Aontacht: Yoga & Meditation (Longford, Ireland)

About Aontacht

Based in Longford, Ireland, Aontacht is one young man’s attempt to encourage and promote unity, both of self and community.

Originally trained within the classical system of Yoga, as authored by the great sage Patanjali, under the guidance and tutelage of Swamis (yogi monks) living at the foot of the Alps, Shea provides a holistic approach to yoga that combines movement, which is gentle yet powerful, with mindful breathing techniques that help to heal the body and still the mind, leaving the spirit to dance freely in its delight.

Join us on a journey through the inner realms of existence which will empower you to heal/change/create your own life here now.


Levels: Beginner; Intermediate.

Styles: Sivananda; Raja; Hatha; General; Gentle; Chair; Laughter.

Registered and Insured with Yoga Alliance UK.

Aontacht is based in Longford, Ireland

Our goal is to provide yoga, meditation and mindfulness based programmes
to schools, nursing homes and the less well off at a free or heavily reduced rate.

We aim to fund this through public classes, events and seminars on the subject. So by doing yoga with us,
not only do you learn and grow yourself, you are also giving back to the community.

If you would like to collaborate with Aontacht or can provide opportunity for us to spread the word,
please do get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and kind regards,